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Kelli Coons

Spartanburg District One
Instructional Technology Coach
Spartanburg, South Carolina Area
Hi! I’m Kelli Coons and I work as a Technology Coach in Spartanburg District One through the Dynamic Learning Project. From 2014-2017 I worked as the instructional curriculum coach at Bryson Elementary in Greenville County. Prior to coaching at Bryson, I previously worked in Spartanburg District Two as a fifth grade teacher for eight years. I have been able to present at many different conferences and connect with a lot of other educators. I have also had the distinct privilege of helping organize Edcamp Greenville for the past two years. I enjoy working directly with teachers to help enhance their instruction whether it be with a creative idea, digital tools or help to provide resources. I have a genuine love of learning and teaching. Prior to my career in education, I worked in marketing and public relations and am always excited to promote the positive things that are happening in our classrooms and schools. The driving force behind what I do each and everyday is student engagement. I think learning should be fun and exciting, if not, I want to help make it that way.

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